The five predictions, which are nearly 100 percent true to humanity, are present

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Scientific forecasts and scientific advances from the past can be part of the current scientific process.

Numerous efforts by many scientists from the past to seek scientific technology to make it easier for humans to live despite their successes. It also provides a lot of experience for modern scientists to continue their work.

There are a number of technologies that the scientists of ancient times predicted, even though they were not able to produce them, but compared to the present day, it was almost 100 percent similar.

1.TV Glasses was named by a scholar named Hugo Gernsback in 1963, who said it was similar to the current 3D technology.

2.Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Automatic dust cleaner was cited by Jean Marc Cote in 1910.

3.Digital Classroom Classroom using digital technology by Japanese scholar Shigeru Komatsuzaki in 1969.

4.Video Calls has been predicted by many scientists, and again, it was published in 1930.

5.Self-driving car technology, which emerged in the June 1940 issue.

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