Ith Setha speaks about the real illnesses and even talks about the horrors you never knew before

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PHNOM PENH (The Cambodia Herald) – Ith Setha, a famous singer and musician, fell ill on Monday, admitting he was bloated and unable to move.

Wanting to know the real illness of Mr. Ith Sethar, young protagonist Siritank also went directly to his rented house and took pictures of the sad picture that he slept in bed with sad face.

In addition, Mr. Ratanak has also been working on Live Video, seeing him telling the story and the condition that he now has severe bowel disease, in which doctors require much more.

He added that he is currently under the strongest need to take care of the elderly and the children, both for his health and today’s rented house.

This is the real life that you have never known before, Ith Setha saw him dressed neatly on television, but did not imagine that his story is pity to be covered in everything. In the family.

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