Fertilizers can be beneficial to the living life and the environment? Support the discovery of Khmer children …

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This is one thing to be proud and happy for our people who have Khmer kids.

Having the ability to research the production of cooking stoves will be more general and not harmful to the environment.

The earliest known name for the biomass of the biomass furnace or furnace will be produced by Heng Bun Y

Available at Khmer Eco Energy.

If the presentation of Khmer Eco-Energie’s Footer shows that the results of the research for four years

Heng Bun E’s Chief Technology Officer is now producing fruit and environmentally friendly.

Or biomass bio-frying kettle you do not think our Khmer children can produce any kind of stove.

A stove that the world is supporting and encouraging people to use to reduce pollution

The smoke is more toxic from the burning of firewood or charcoal every day using a regular stove.

On the other hand, this type of stove reduces the cost of the people daily

From 50% to 80%, if satisfied with the search of the Cambodian environment.

And the stove can be burned with all kinds of firewood such as: tree, corn cob, pineapple, coconut, coconut,

Palm trees, wood refiner, charcoal, leaves, bamboo, etc.). For a price of 18 centimeters riel for the middle.

If you are interested in buying this stove, please feel free to contact us. Address:

6CEo Street, Street 278, Sangkat Olympic, Khan Chamkar Morn, Phnom Penh Tel: 012/015 805 771.

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The new ones help the Cambodian people as well as help to improve their living standards

Khmer people across the country help reduce their daily expenses.


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