The real reason they did not see the Yok Chenda to attend the old companion’s funeral, Ith Setha!

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After receiving sad news that Ith Setha, a well-known actor and former partner, died on June 4, recently. As a colleague and artist, Yok Chenda expressed her overwhelming feelings that she lost her best friends and colleagues. One and joined Weird, sad, too.

​Ms. Yok Chenda said that the death news of Ith Setha has made her feel very upset and sad because she lost her colleague and her husband. An old good companion. Mrs. Youk Chenda said that if you are now in Phnom Penh, you will attend the funeral of Mr. Ith Setha not to be overlooked but due to his duty She has been working abroad so she has failed to get involved, she is very sorry for her.

Although nowadays, a rich young idiot who is still in his job abroad, he does not attend funerals. However, if you look at the activity on your Facebook page, you have not forgotten to join. Remain remorse for the family of Ithaca In addition, she also appealed to the generous people and worked diligently for help at the funeral and helped the family of Mr. Ith Setha .

Youk Chenda wrote, “I am deeply dismayed at the absence of the funeral of Mr. Ith Setha With work to be completed in the United States. On behalf of her, I am a co-worker in the same television network. I would like to express my profound thanks to Excellencies, Lok Chumteavs and leaders of all levels of TV. CBS, as well as friends, artists and artists, as well as all the supporters of Mr. Ith Setha, who helped support the festival. Ith Setha’s body Greetings ladies and be generous at all, happiness and cutting with respect to distance from my era Chenda.

​One other message, she wrote, “My older age is really excited about getting news of the death of her. Partnering with MCI’s Ith Setha, who died today while I was in charge of a job abroad, was incredible. Almost like yesterday Having spoken to Facebook about me about his illness, I spoke to him and encouraged him to go to the hospital because I Was also seeking help to relieve his illness, but unfortunately, death did not bother to break his tumult. This is horrible and sad In the end, my good companion, my last dissertation, please let me know your spirit, please do not hesitate on I am an employee of CTN and the families of the deceased please call on your friends and artists who wish to participate in the funeral of Mr. Ith. Setha in the United States and Both countries can contact my mum’s American phone number at 8323510241, thank you! “

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