What’s new for iOS 11, which will put Apple in the future?

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IOS 11 is the latest operating system running on the iPhone and iPad, featuring hundreds of new features.

Both the key points and the pointers.

While iOS 10 features iOS 7, iOS 11 features features

Enormous, it’s a real comfort to iPad users by focusing on first-time users to skilled users.

The update includes an easy-to-use Dock setup on an iPad where you regularly use the apps stored on your iPad.

In the dock. This port is here forever and we can run any program or document at any time by just working

Swipe the finger up and down from the iPad screen.

This port is easy to operate at the same time, like Split View and Slide Over.

There’s a new app called App Switcher, which allows us to see all the programs we’re opening.

And can choose to open it quickly.

On top of that, the file uploader (it’s included on the iPad) allows us to process all the files in the phone even though

These files are located on the iCloud Drive, or in the storage service such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and there are no issues.

Both iPhone and iPad iOS 11 introduces new features and improvements to the look of the characters burning and thickening.

More small squares. It has a revamped control of the single-screen Control Center,

That we can customize as well as experience screen locking experience that is easy to see notifications , Also short.

Another new innovation is the new camera and photo improvements. By the image stabilization for supported devices and available with the type

Portrait Mode, and it can get TrueTone Flash and HDR features together.

Including a new set of Live Photos, including back and forth animations for video creators

Play nonstop and capture images both at the same time and at the same time.

Here are some of the features we have mentioned above: There are many other features that are not yet listed,
When it comes to installing all of Apple’s devices in September.

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