Not least, India has launched a launch rocket (India has launched a 100% Made In India missile)

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For the first time on Monday, June 5, 2017, India launches new fireworks using pure domestic technology. This means that India is upgrading its fireworks capabilities and is expanding, in particular, its space program ambitions. With this new technology, India is hoping to compete in the satellite launch market soon. At 17:28 pm, India’s launch of a GSLV-MkIII missile overloaded more than three tonnes of telecommunications satellites. Place in orbit.

Scientists of the Indian Space Agency, ISRO, clashed with applause when they saw a 640-ton rocket 43 meters high. Puffed up in the air. According to images filmed on national television. Previously, India had launched a number of satellites, but mostly small and light satellites. Use foreign direct mail technology when more than two tons of heavy satellites are installed! But today, India has proven capable of successfully uploading up to 4 tons of satellites Space.

This means that India has become a new member of the space club, a tiny club that only a few can do In the world we are. National pride! This is the message of Prime Minister Narutrade Modi as it sees India moving in the space sector by moving to The closer the decision was made to launch the last-generation missile. In fact, this host was first tested by India in 2014, but what is remarkable Strong is this new host is produced by India itself and locally and with a very complex technology. Most.

India’s most powerful hosting machine ever produced. That’s why we see newer ammunition of the Indian missile sector. India has spent 20 years developing programming, and some engineers have made lifelong search decisions Found the new technology to produce this powerful hosting machine. The results achieved by India have now been evaluated by European Space Experts as equivalent to the European missile Ariane 4. India has a large part of the satellite orbiting satellite. The technology of the hosting machine that India now uses is the combination of oxygen and hydrogen at the liquid. No. Its biodiesel produces gas that has a rocket-to-air missile in space. This machine is used in the fifth generation Ariane-5 European missile.

India begins to ambitious and launches space station since the 1960s, but India’s space program has just begun to attract global attention. 2014, when India launched the orbiting satellite into orbit. The cost of the space project is only $ 73 million – less is the US Vitality Hollywood budget project and more At least, compared to the same NASA-funded project cost of 671 million for satellite launch to planets Tuesday. This mhayoku has decided to produce several used vehicles, allowing India to send a satellite into orbit. Prices are lower than today’s space market.

The low price that India has made is very competitive in the potential satellite launch sector, and Turned to the emergence of telecommunications. Meanwhile, the Indian Space Agency is studying the possibility of missions on Jupiter and Friar. India was also named in a historical record in February 2017, the country with the largest number of missile launches ever 104 Units. But without counting the US, Russia, and Europe, India, are also facing the growth of other private space companies. Like New space, SpaceX …

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