Do not expect the fan to kill us for these reasons

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Of course, the fan is an electronic device that people use to help lower heat and feel cold when they are in hot conditions. But they have never been able to observe and monitor the health effects and their health problems. Here’s a breakdown of global health experts that we quoted from the US NEWAIR website, which they described as a “serious” impact on the health of consumers.

1. Affect the nudity

When you are in hot temperature, the plasma that is in your brain is increasing, and if you use a fan to come out of the heat, the idiot is wrong and, on the contrary, you Is destroying the plasma that is in your brain, because the released air is also hot. Loss of the plasma in the brain can cause you to become irritable, frustrated, and cut off by memory.

2. The wife breathes

Exposed air with hot temperatures has a serious impact on the health of the wife, her breath, and her prostate. The heat of the air can make the airways dry and can cause illnesses such as burns, breathing, colds, swelling of the lungs and more.

3. Hemorrhoids, pancreatic cells

As you sweat heavily, your skin releases a lot of heat to evaporate the sweat, but when users of the fan are in inappropriate temperatures, they may cause your pores to have The inflammation and sweat that penetrate your skin will cause your skin cells to be destroyed. This type of problem will cause you to have skin rashes, itchiness, burning and lumps.

4. Dehydration

When the fan is in hot condition, the body is exposed to dehydration. Depression in your body will make your body’s poison in the kidneys increasing, which will make your kidneys healthier. You can see this through your urine, which is very yellowish and strong.

5. Blood pressure

When your body warms up, your heart starts to build up to transmit the blood to the swelling area at the same time, your blood pressure starts to rise too high, and it may be affected when the fan in Warm temperatures to lower the heat, your blood pressure will be troublesome and can cause problems such as stroke Food vascular kanleakdai leg cramps can cause death within a short time.

To avoid the above problem, you should not try to use the fan when the outside temperature is not suitable – hot so that your organism can not match the temperature released from the fan. When your body boils and when the ambient temperature is hot, you should try to use a cooling towel to cool the air or use the air conditioner or keep your body in balance. Exit the atmosphere to use it. This way you can avoid 99% of the problems that make your health stable.

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