A new patent shows Facebook wants to snoop on camera

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Recently, CBInsights has found a patent on Facebook that has attempted to steal user snapshots. Via their camera phone and computer camera.

In a patent document, the social network may use a technology (such as a camera) to analyze the changes. Tighten the face of the users when they scroll to any type of Post. It will then analyze the photos that users feel and use the information they receive Keep users on Facebook longer.

For example, if you smile when you scroll down to your friends’ profile, Facebook will note this point. Will show your friends more on News Feed. Not only can Facebook use information from users to convey categories of user-based tabbed categories Interesting to be interesting.

A spokesman for Facebook said: “We always look for a patent for technology that we have never invented And through this patent can not determine our future plans. “

For that, Facebook is not planning to implement the above patent, but there is no guarantee that this giant social network Do not apply it. Reminds that last year, a picture posted by Mark Zuckerberg revealed that the founder had coached the camera. On the other side of the computer, the microphone is off, and with the discovery of this patent, But more concerned.



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