Let’s read the story of the war between Kikorak and Ta Phom (read more, increase the knowledge, help share)

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​ ​The world’s epicenter is a famine, in the heat of all the heat of the rain, the tempest, the river, the pagoda, the lake, the river, the river. Animals die on the rocks, the plants wither. Animals are hogs, hippos, frogs, penguins, slender, skinny, skins. One day, a gig is a proclamation of relatives and hinges frogs, friends, friends, all! Looks like Ta Prohm does not give us rain, if we remain calm and starving, our friends are mobilizing each other. Fighting Ta Prohm to bring emergency rain and death, to die, to die, to die, to die in the battle for victory. Better friends and relatives! Come! To fight. After this announcement, when all the fighters and fighters marched to battle Ta Phrom in the Air Force Palace. The armies of the animals passed through the open field, and they came upon a large army. The commander of the troupe saw a large crowd of large fish, drenched by rubbish and rubble of rice fields. Meik Kiwi asked, “Where are you going to go, where are you, rugged, dusty, rushing to interfere with my army?” And the captain of the host said to him, ‘Fellow! The fish sent us to go with the skillful strangers to cross the mountains and the baray to fight Ta Prohm to bring rain Lake to us! Phoeun! . And it came to pass, when the messengers were departed, that he said unto his armies, that they should not give me word of the coming of the men of war. They also gathered in a boiling desert to see a large, large cloud of dust fluttering in the air. And the bees, and the horns, and the horns, and the horns, and the harts, and the harts, and Recreational any of this? The reply is that it comes to Viera! Bee! We and our troops went to war, because there was no rain, no forest, to make a nest for us, so that we would not give up. Fighting with Ta Phrar, do not be afraid of dying. Go! . The Air Force and the Air Force have also taken over. As they approached a drought-stricken area, they saw a cucumber fall on the ground, with a stinging cloak. One of them shouted, hoping, “We’ll be fine, but we’ll be dry and die. And he said, Suffer neither his own family to serve {us}. And they called to the chariots, [and] to the herds, Fields have also reached a forest where plants die dying. The army came to see two giant rats on a stump. Rattanana said, “Phoeun, there are so many so we can not find friends with each other? Ta Phorn’s hands are gone, We’re here, We’re miserable, We’re going to die in the war to win Animal Life “. All the soldiers agreed to shade their bodies.

Later, all the troops went to Ta Prom Pring. The knife ordered the bees to attack the front and back doors of the fish, fish, stained fish, parched and cedar In the jar and water bowl, at the door of the temples, rush to the floor to fall down the altar of Ta Prohs. Hunting frogs are an army of guerrillas. When the army and the troops go to the site of Ta Phrum, the locals live in full swing, causing the lovers all the angels, Her granddaughter, Mam Khannou, who runs away from the pagoda, gets water from the water, which fish catches on her eyes. Look for the area not seen and also the beech hunters Sore throat screaming Ta Prohm Finding the exit Do not cry, “Last but not least, Where are you hunting frogs? “The mammals responded,” We came to the battlefield. “Ta Phrab went down from the back of the seat without even looking back at the rice mills and slipped on the grass. Ripen the two rashes, hurry to the bottom of the beard, the sore throat, the animals and the Pits “loser! “The commander ordered the troops to stop to solve the problem of succumbing.” Asked to go to Ta Phom, he failed, “How are you depressed?” Does not it kill every living thing? We will not, if you do not bring down rain, I will destroy your palace and kill you all the time. ” Prudence, too, pleads with the animals and plants, “Please, let not your anger be scared, and we will give rain. Now, let’s go home, do not be angry. “” No, no. If we go, he will give us only one rain, and we will ignore it. Come on, let’s promise a special blessing to us, then we will. “After a while, Ta Proh said, We promise to bless each other, and if you need rain, hockey, frogs will gnash your teeth, raise the voice below, then we will chase Rinse you instantly. Once promised, the animals, animals, and plants all come back to their homelands. Since then, when the hippo hinges, the frog needs rain

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