What is the fear of the stomach?

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The stomach is the main organ of everyone. If the stomach is in trouble, your digestive tract is also in trouble. So you should have a good habit of eating. Choose foods that are good for the stomach. But do not choose foods that are stomach-less. What are the stomach foods you are afraid of?

 1. Eating too much. The stomach does not accept and even deny it because it is difficult to digest, making your stomach easier to get the most trouble.

 2. Eating less swallowing and trying to swallow. After you do this many times, you will not be able to maintain and maintain your stomach very well, which is very fragile.

 3. Drinking too much alcohol on the stomach does not support or tolerate much alcohol. So if you do not want to continue digesting your stomach, you should reduce your alcohol intake.

 4. Eating unhealthy foods can not be accepted because so many germs go into the stomach. This causes your stomach to break down unconsciously.

 5. Smoking smells too much, because the toxic smoke of the cigarette smokes easily. So, you should not have the same practice, or you will have gastric problems.

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