Ride a bicycle in the sky and soar like Superman at Siem Reap resort

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Many people count cycling as a favorite activity for either exercise or leisure. However, not many can say they have cycled across a thin metal wire 20 metres above ground.
         Reflecting on his first experience on the high wire, visitor Py Nara said: “My legs were shaking the whole time.” He was sure to keep the GoPro camera steady too so that he can relive the thrill later on.
        The exhilarating course is part of Siem Reap province’s Tree Shade Resort TravKod located in in Balaing commune. Sitting around 23km northeast of the provincial capital, the getaway destination has views of mountains and a 60-hectare lake.
        Nita, the owner and operator of the zip line system, says the bike segment and “Superman” segment set her course apart from others in the Kimdom.
        “For Cambodian guests, the 200metres sky bike run and zip-line cost $10 per person. Riding back and forth across the water is only $5, while two runs on the Superman section cost $7,” she says.
         Nita say visitors with the utmost bravery could do all three sections of the course for $15 per person. Ou Panha, the president of the local natural tourism association, said the course was a great way to take in the sights of the area. He says there were 60 restaurants and food stalls around the lake, 250 huts to relax in, and three large traditional restaurants too.
          “Our community focuses on providing affordable and hygienic services. Meat and vegetable served in the restaurants are natural and cooked using professional methods,” he says.
          The area has surely flourished in the past few year, starting from 2013 with only two huts on the water and three food stalls.
          Sitting just 10km away from the well-known Kulen mountain and Angkor Archaeological Park, the lakeside destination now hosts between 500 and 2,000 guests daily.
Noting that prices for foreign visitors to the zip line have not been set as yet,
          Nita says the resort is working on getting better insurance for the system. In the meantime, however, she notes that even men who profess to be macho often get scared before mounting  the bicycle sitting high off the ground.
         Women, on the other land, usually choose to let out screams when they being pedaling their way across the metal wire, Nita jokes.

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