Analysis: If the door is still closed, what challenges do Cambodia face?

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As of February, former opposition leader Kem Sokha was ordered to serve nearly 18 months in jail, even though the United States-led Free Burma The United States and the European Union are urging the release, considering it as a political threat.

The Supreme Court of 16 November 2017 also announced the dissolution of Kem Sokha’s National Rescue Party, following a complaint filed by the Ministry of Interior. “Treason”.

The Rebirth Statement also promotes the seizure of 55 seats in the House of Commons and more than 5,000 commune councilors who are voting for To divide the other party, the CPP is the largest for the commune council. Since then, the main opposition party has disappeared from politics. .

But Mr Serey, the United States and the European Union, did not recognize the election results last year, with no elections scheduled. Opposition parties join the competition despite the NEC. Declare that the CPP is the winner.

Although the dispute lasted almost two years, prompted by a push from the international community to restore the status quo, there has been no sign yet. Has publicly announced the re-entry of the politician’s mediations to restore the wound.

Rainsy, who has filed a complaint but has never been imprisoned, announced that he will return to Cambodia this year and has called for a ” With him to change the leader.

In such a situation, Mr. Hun Sen has sent a message that the authority has been suing. Mr. Rainsy’s new curfew.
The question is, what challenges do Cambodians face if the door is still closed?

Executive Director of the Center for Labor and Human Rights, Moeun Tola explained that in democratic countries, power competitiveness places a great deal of interests in the interests of the people or the interests of the people. Their country goes back to the negotiating table to find a solution, but he says in Cambodia is different.

Moeun Tola said that if the gateway was still closed, two major problems could arise in the society: unemployment for tens of thousands and national disruptions came by him. It is clear that now the favored system from the West has lost more than 3 million opposition supporters
And supporters of power, both of which are starting to come together.

    “People who are worried about losing their jobs are workers who are asked who are workers, child laborers, child soldiers, police officers, child laborers, civil servants, if there is any confrontation, who is To shoot, there are police officers or military officers. Asked whether the gunman shot his wife, himself, his own son, no, it was a question to ask. “

Political analyst Kim Sok analyzes that if political disputes persist, Mr. Serey’s attempt to see Cambodia in the footsteps of democracy will come. Foodstuffs are lost and the market for selling agricultural products is gone.

Kim Socheata further said that Cambodia’s international image was also falling, aid from development projects and public health programs were also lost. He said that the situation had opened up opportunities. Brokers, Cyclists, Threats, Threats, Natural Resources.

    “And Cambodia in the future is more vulnerable to the lack of transparency and high interest rates from friends of Communism. Section 5 is an opportunity for illegal merchants to destroy the country’s natural resources, such as forests and mineral resources, because there is no follow-up. “

But the political scientist and president of the Royal Government of Cambodia’s Royal Academy of Cambodia, Dr. Sok Touch, commented that Mr. Rainsy’s policy would not put a big strain on the issue. He said that Sam Rainsy was unable to mobilize a lot of people to oppose the government like last year, including employers in Thailand.

Sok Touch, who analyzed the EU’s measures on the GSP, said that it was not a major issue to force the government to accept the conditions of the opposition.

    “The system of preferential tariffs is not important because only three countries receive the EBA, which is Cambodia, Laos and Laos, so why are Cambodia becoming a high-income country? No, we have to subtract one hundred percent. “

However, the human rights situation in Cambodia is a UN Human Rights Council member Both the United States and the United States on January 30 reminded the Cambodian government to return to democracy by stopping the jihad The opposition parties, civil society and the media Independence.

The United States has said it is worried about the grave degradation of human rights in Cambodia, such as civil and political rights.

The United States has also urged the Cambodian government to grant political rights to the opposition and to condemn Kem Sokha.

The United Kingdom said that the July 29, 2018 elections lacked legitimacy. The actions against the opposition, civil society and the media, etc.,

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