Experts suggest how to identify counterfeit medicines

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Authorities and experts in the health sector are deeply concerned about the illicit drug traffic in Cambodia, affecting welfare. People and society. The concern was at a seminar on how to identify counterfeit drugs prepared by Radio on January 20.

Health authorities and experts say that modern counterfeits and poor quality medicines are booming in Cambodia but people and Some doctors did not know the drug that it bought, used, and sold as a true or fake medicine. They warn that this counterfeit and poor quality medicines have a serious impact on the well-being of humanity and the loss of economic, social and living conditions. In the daytime of the people.

Chairman of the Secretariat of the National Fraud Prevention Committee, Lao Sophanarith, said the cause of the increase in counterfeit medicines is because There is a lot of demand, and traders and ill-gotten opportunity to steal, produce, and distribute counterfeit drugs for profit. He said that the use of counterfeit medicine not only cured the disease but also cost money and could kill users More.

He advised people to consult and examine their blood first with the doctor before buying medicines at pharmacies and clinics. Some: “Fake medicines, sometimes the external image, sometimes the packaging can be the same, it may be different, and if The substance may be different, it may be lacking, it may be more than the drug Real. So this is a counterfeit medicine definition. Excluded or added to the original layout is fake. So not. “

He said that although some medications were true or not, the drug would not be transported or stored properly. It also causes the medicine to be poor, the quality is too ineffective to use: “If he leaves in the daytime or behind his home It is usually a pharmacy in the apartment, sometimes it works Yep in the back to store his herbs, but when it comes to the heat, true medicine will drop. The Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization have agreed to create a term called “poor quality medicine.”

At the same time, he is also worried about drug traffic on Facebook. He says 50 percent of online or Facebook pharmacies are fake drugs.

Pharmaceutical expert of the National Anti-fraud Committee, Em Vuthy, speaking at the seminar, said that to distinguish fake medicines was difficult. For people who do not have the knowledge and skills. He said counterfeit medicines were inactive substances in the formulas. And most of the packaging and labeling of counterfeit pharmaceuticals has bad trademarks, such as original or maybe just It is similar to real product. Another feature is no license approved by the Ministry of Health and can be offered at low prices: “To Buying the medicine is the first one to know where the drug is sold. Does that place have a pharmacist? Does the store have enough labels and are authorized by the Ministry of Health? Then, be aware that the drug is closed on the box on the can. Then, check again, do not trust him (the provider) has a clear date, and close to the day limit must ask Swap him. These can reduce fake medicines to a large extent. “

The president of the Japan-Cambodia Business and Investment Association (CJBI), Ieng Sotheara, who participated in a seminar on how to identify counterfeit drugs expects the workshop Will provide some knowledge to Khmer people to avoid buying and using counterfeit drugs.

He understands that if the patient goes to buy medicines, he can not afford physicians and virtues, and gets fake drugs and does not use it. More precisely, there are serious health risks for patients, families, patients and society: “I used to be overseas There are some hospitals in our district They should never remove the envelope. We never gave the drug, and we did not know it was that it was used. Outside the clinic, the physician has the right to write only to open the pharmacy from the pharmacy, but when it arrives at the pharmacy it tells us It is clear that using any medicine without a name is a name. Particularly in our district we used the packaged pills and took 3 pills 3 capsules and 3 doses for 9 days to know, but the drug did not know. All names and plastic bags are ready. I should avoid it. “

It is often seen that authorities often confiscate fake products and counterfeit medicines from tens of thousands to Hundreds of tons.In fact, in November 2018, special authorities confiscated illegal drugs and under 40 tons of quality.

The founder and chairman of the Nobel Prize-writing library, Oeun Sam Ath, said that even though some people do not believe in committing sin and doing business The villain is that they always face the legal problems of the country and take responsibility for their actions. “The doctor said that the doctor or pharmacy should respect ethics, ethics, and humanitarian actions in the body without thinking about it. Personal profits and counterfeit medicines and poor quality harm other citizens and society. . This fake drug trade is like a banned business that Buddhism prohibits: “If a father or a mother The earliest income earner for a family is poor health, but only a fraudulent drug and death He is learning to drop out of school, That the occupation had the right livelihood. Uncomfortable to become a criminal to steal, steal, rob, kill others. So, if this is so, there could be a social crisis. “

The Report of the European Chamber of Commerce’s Welfare Committee shows that in one year more than 1 million people worldwide have been lost Life by the use of counterfeit drugs has more than 2,000 Cambodians, or 6 people Days are dead.

Mr. Sovanarith said that the authorities are currently insisting on companies and pharmacies to ensure the quality of these medicines. . However, he called on all citizens and other stakeholders to work together to eliminate counterfeit medicines: “Our government is drafting a law to strengthen The law amendment rules how the law is restricted, and the perpetrators are afraid to commit any offense. In the country. “

The anarchy of counterfeit medicines has been criticized by the general public as another major failure of the ministry’s management. Health.

Previously, the Ministry of Health only issued a Notice of Prohibition on the Sale and Traffic of Fake Medicines but Not Take strict legal action against the company or importer of counterfeit pharmaceutical products.

According to the Law on Drug Management, Law on the Management of Medical Professionals and Medical Assistance and the Law on the Management of Practitioners Health professionals say that counterfeit pharmaceutical sellers are liable to between five and 10 years imprisonment and in the case of this counterfeit drug Cause There have also been unintentional seller is a prison sentence of 1 to 3 years.

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