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The Gold Edition incorporates the Metro Exodus Expansion Pass, allowing access to every new experience in the dystopian Russian wild. Careful substance still to be resolved, yet anticipate long stretches of grasping single-player, story-driven activity of the most astounding quality! Metro Exodus is an epic, story-driven first individual shooter from 4A Games that mixes destructive battle and stealth with investigation and survival loathsomeness in a standout amongst the most vivid diversion universes at any point made.

 Investigate the Russian wild crosswise over tremendous, non-direct dimensions and pursue an exciting story-line that traverses a whole year through spring, summer and fall to the profundities of atomic winter. Propelled by the books of Dmitry Glukhovsky, Metro Exodus proceeds with Artyom’s story in the best Metro experience yet.
Set out on a unimaginable adventure – board the Aurora, an intensely adjusted steam train, and join a bunch of survivors as they scan for another life in the East. Experience Sandbox Survival – a holding story interfaces together exemplary Metro ongoing interaction with new immense, non-straight dimensions.
A lovely, threatening world – find the dystopian Russian wild, enlivened with shocking day/night cycles and dynamic climate. Savage battle and stealth – search and specialty in the field to modify your munititions stockpile of hand-made weaponry, and connect with human and freak adversaries in exciting strategic battle.

Your decisions decide your confidants’ destiny – not every one of your partners will endure the voyage; your choices have outcome in a holding storyline that offers monstrous re-playability. A definitive in air and inundation – a glinting light in the dimness; a worn out wheeze as your gasmask ices over; the yell of a freak on the night wind – Metro will submerge and alarm you like no other amusement…

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