Authorities close down Rock Club, detain more than 300 people, and confiscate 50 kilograms of drugs

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The Capital Hall has decided to shut down the Rock Entertainment Center after authorities crack down on the site and confiscated nearly 50 kilograms.

In a statement yesterday, the Phnom Penh Municipal Administration announced that after the shutdown of the resort, the competent authorities and the court would continue to take procedural measures to investigate the sources of drug imports and offenders. To condemn.

The administration of Phnom Penh Capital City further stated: “Before the administration of the Capital Hall decided to shut down the entertainment center, and provided the competent authorities and courts to continue to search for and determine the sources of import of drugs and criminals brought to justice. According to the law in force. “

Phnom Penh Police Commissioner Seth also wrote on Facebook today that most of the more than 300 people detained at the time of the rape. Yesterday, all were tested and found drugs in the body.

“The testing of narcotic drugs and the record of more than 300 young men is running at Phnom Penh Police Commissariat, and most of them are found,” he wrote on his Facebook post. Addictive substance in your body. “

According to the report, at 1:45 am on February 23, the police chief arrested 311 men and women and seized drugs. Up to 50kg during a crackdown at a major entertainment center.

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