The US ambassador and the Associated Press demand to drop the charges against two RFA reporters

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The US embassy in Cambodia, as well as international and human rights organizations, demanded that Phnom Penh drop the charges against two former RFA reporters, Mr. Eun Chin and Ye Sothearin. The demand marks the two-year anniversary of their arrest, which rights groups consider the pair as innocent.

International and local organizations release statement of regret that two former RFA reporters, brave journalists, remain accused Under the court’s investigation, neither court had enough evidence to bring charges against them.

The US embassy posted a message on Facebook on November 14 that prolonged arrests and detentions and a prolonged trial process Long time on the two journalists is a violation of press freedom and discourages others from doing important journalism work More. The US Embassy demanded that the two reporters be dropped, giving them full freedom The injustice abides by the Constitution and is a sign of the commitment to the important role of independent journalists in democratic countries.

Human Rights Watch has also issued a statement demanding that the Cambodian court drop the charges against Uch Chen and Mr. Leach Sothearith on espionage, which the international organization found to be inaccurate.

Phil Robertson, deputy director of Human Rights Watch’s Asia division, said in a statement that the case against the former RFA reporter should be Abandoned long ago, but the Cambodian government seems intent on using this baseless accusation as a warning To the press Other independent information. Phil Robertson considers the failure of the case to be part of the Hun Sen government’s campaign to silence critics in the country. At the same time, the Cambodian Journalists Association (CAMBODIA) also issued a statement on 14 November requesting the court Cambodia blames it Eliminate all charges against two former RFA reporters. The Cambodian government says that as of November 14, 2019, the two had been living without full freedom for two years. Last year, he was placed under judicial supervision after being released on bail last month August 2018.
Mai Thi Thar, executive director of the Cambodian Journalists Alliance, said the continuing and baseless allegations raised serious concerns for rights. The two basic freedoms of the two former journalists and a threat to the freedom of press in Cambodia: “Persecution of the persecuted Upon These two former journalists are a continuing intimidation of all journalists in Cambodia, especially former RFA reporters, some of whom dare not to. Pursued a journalistic career, and others continued to hide in fear. That is why we ask the court to consider lowering the case for the freedom of the press and the profession The biography of the journalist.

Mr. Yeam Sarin and Mr. Onch were arrested on November 14, 2017 and charged with “handing over to foreign states” Information that could be detrimental to national defense ”and the“ Produce and Possession of Pornography ”. The court detained them for more than nine months and granted a temporary bail, but the court continued to confiscate the items and passports. The two of you do not have the full freedom of movement. The Phnom Penh Municipal Court of Appeal on October 3, 2019 assigned and ordered the investigating judge to investigate further cases of both The court has not set a specific time limit after the court hearing, which is why the case has been postponed Going forward hurts White The freedom of Uchkin and Ye Sothearith.

Former RFA reporter Ye Sothearith is pleased that the US Embassy and local and international organizations issued statements of support for his well-being. They will demand that the court drop the charges against them both Just like the information I’m demanding. We saw two years of arrest and put both of us under surveillance The court has so far not found any evidence against us and has found no evidence that we did Information or transmit information to foreign states that jeopardize protection National. So when the court is unable to prove that we have committed a crime, why does the court keep punishing us? To remain under supervision should drop the charges against both of us. ”

According to Sothearith, the continuation of his case had serious psychological and economic consequences for his family: “We are sad and Worried not knowing what it was going to be in the future and another part of my family was having a difficult time in my life Our family life is already hard. Restrictions on us make it difficult for us to pursue a career we love or make a living. For me, even if I didn’t want to leave my old parents in Cambodia, even my dead relatives could not attend the festival. The body. “This is one of the things that bothers me emotionally.”
Justice Ministry spokesman Chin Malin responds that the dismissal and indictment for the two former RFA reporters is only That court has the right to make a decision based on the findings of the investigation and the research: “Because the case was decided by the judge INVESTIGATIONS AND INVESTIGATIONS Fr. Situations in order to have every angle before making conclusions and decisions in order to ensure fairness for all parties concerned.

A day earlier, Amnesty International also issued a statement asking the Cambodian court to drop charges against the former. Get RFA information immediately.

East Asia and Southeast Asia Director Nicholas Beque lin said in a statement that the past two years have been Sadly, two former RFA reporters, brave journalists, remain indicted and under investigation. Neither the court has enough evidence Bribe at all. He added that this was an unjustifiable indictment that was more clearly seen as a blatant attempt to impede freedom of expression and warning. Or clearly persecuted independent journalists in Cambodia.

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