Senior opposition officials have argued that Sam Rainsy did not delete the project to return to Cambodia

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Vice President of the Cambodian National Rescue Party, told The Phnom Penh Post on February 23 that the return of Mr. Rainsy is very important and will not cancellation.

Ms. Mu Sochua said that the return of the acting president and opposition officials to Cambodia was to fight for the cause of the problem of migrant issues. Farmer’s Market for Farmers, Corruption, Corruption, Hun Sen’s Corruption Issues, Issues of Immigrant Border Issues The Chinese and Vietnamese come in very well and children and women’s health issues. “I would like to say that as a participant In the planning process, Acting Prime Minister Sam Rainsy returns to Cambodia, our meeting is held daily. We’re meeting tonight. Thank you to Thailand, Korea, Japan, who are meeting, regardless of their daily work. The return of Acting President Sam Rainsy did not change at all. Please be aware that those who inform that Mr. Rainsy is postponing the return come from the information of the Cambodian People’s Party (CPP), indicating false information. Be afraid of Rainsy’s return. “

Mr. Hun Sen’s propaganda system immediately published his post on Facebook on Facebook on February 20, claiming that Mr. Rainsy Abandoned betting with Prime Minister Hun Sen’s Prime Minister Hun Sen and because Sam Rainsy called the bets be blunted because he Claims that Mr. Hun Sen has changed Theater District of unilateral betting arbitrarily.

The bet between Mr. Rainsy and Mr. Hun Sen about the release of the CNRP president was criticized as being of no value. But Mr. Hun Sen said he had to accept the bet as Mr. Rainsy pushed him to the wall. Sam Rainsy argued that the bets proved more convincingly that Hun Sen was leading the authoritarian and uncontrolled way in the judicial system. .

Sam Rainsy and Hun Sen wrestled in November 2018, with Sam Rainsy sending Facebook messages at the time that he was willing to walk. Incoming Mr. Hun Sen if Kem Sokha was not released before March 3. Mr. Hun Sen said that the release of Kem Sokha is only waiting for a horse to grow horns. He added that if Kem Sokha was released prior to March 3, he would resign as prime minister.

As the betting odds are closer to coming, CNRP activists abroad are organizing a fundraising event to support them. And to supply the return of Mr. Rainsy and party officials.

However, the senior party officials among the 118, including officials who did not leave the country and retired officials Abroad was banned for political reasons because of the dissolution of the CNRP.

Although the Ministry of Interior has recently issued a directive on the process of requesting political rights again, Mu Sochua has confirmed that the party’s official position The National Rescue Party will not ask for political rights. Instead, she said that only the CNRP had to put conditions for the Hun Sen regime to give political rights to party officials. All National Resurrecies In accordance with the wishes of more than three million voters who voted for the opposition in the past, “We have not changed. Absolute position. Instead, we want to see that we can talk. In the Cambodian People’s Party, we firmly believe that in the CPP, there are senior leaders taking into account the common interests that are not the common interests of the individual. Sam Rainsy or Mr. Kem Sokha, “he said.

Political and social analyst Kem Sok said that he had said to Sam Rainsy that Sam Rainsy should return to Cambodia as soon as possible. Yes. He claimed that the best time Mr. Rainsy had to return was disappeared because he said that before the EU set. The start date of the suspension or withdrawal of the EBA tax on February 11 may be rather good and less risky.

Dr. Loa Mong Hay wrote on his Facebook page in early February, encouraging Sam Rainsy to return to Cambodia. . He said that Mr. Rainsy had to return to the promise if people were to speak, and the government would guarantee the safety of Mr. Rainsy.

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